Re: MPE MSG Animator

David J Taylor


I now receive the files in the form:
In the SAF directory

I would appreciate being able to see the animation again with MSG ANIMATOR

Or with another software?

Thank you David!


OK, there's an experimental beta for you to try here:

1 - As the H-SAF data is not split into channels in my software as the imaging products are, you will need to use the timer refresh rather than automatic. I may be able to improve that in due course.

2 - The files must be unzipped in the MSG Data Manager, to have filenames like you show. Maybe at some future data I'll add .GZ unzipping to the MSG Animator.

3 - I've adopted a very simply approach of saying if the program looks for an MPE file, give it an H-SAF file instead. This shouldn't affect anything else, but....

Good reports welcome!

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