Re: changes on SR1 to receive HVS1 and BASIC at the same time ... if possible, of course!

Mario Brustia

Ciao David...

Thank's a lot!!

Unfortunately, in website  there is a lot of link/sub page and , afther a long trip, I'm lost in "htlm space"!!

In my last chek (last week), I had not found your link.

Now with you link, I've found it and I' have understood!!

Thank's again David

73 Iz1kbp, Mario

Il 23/07/2019 09:15, David J Taylor via Groups.Io ha scritto:
Hello everyone.
I need clarification: to enable reception of HVS1 on SR1, at the same time as BASIC SERVICE (regardless of the antenna), is it sufficient to change the MODCODS and update the firmware to the latest version?
My soft ver is 1.05b250 , firm ver  2.02b922....I should update to the latest software version...true?
I read the eumetsat tutorials but am I not sure I understood correctly!!
I realized that to receive HVS2, another receiver is needed, but it is not my case.
Sorry for the ignorant question but sometimes the interpretation of some documents in English is not so immediate for me
Thanks to anyone who can give me advice



I have software: 1.05b264 and FPGA: 2.02b022.  EUMETSAT says 1.05b264 is "strongly suggested", so upgrade.

Yes, you are correct - just change the MODCODs.  Either use the EUMETSAT configuration tool, or do it by hand:

Your English is much better than my Italian!

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