Re: Minimum strength of HVS-1 transponder signals

David J Taylor

I am still interested in receiving GOES data. I understand this is being sent by HVS-1.
What is the minimum signal strength required for this purpose ?
At present - clear sky & heat as in hell - the signal strength indicated by SR1 control is around 11.db, power 40.
My SR1 is set to receive basic service only. What is the best way to extend this to basic service plus HVS-1 ?
Any chance under these circumstances ?
Thanks in advance for your advice to which I look forward.


I suggest 12.0 dB is just adequate, 13.0 dB provides a little margin. As many others have already told you, that should be no problem with the antenna you have specified, providing the azimuth, elevation, LNB skew and focus are all absolutely optimised. Keep repeating each of those adjustments until you can get no more. A motorised dish is unlikely to be accurately aligned.

Please refer to the EUMETSAT guide for configuring different services on the Ayecka SR1. It's on this page:


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