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Massimo Petrantoni

But ... isn't there a function (David's software) that zooms in and saves only the zoom section?


Il 21/07/2019 20:26, Robert Moore ha scritto:

I would save the whole image and then cut out the bit I need in PhotoShop or (free) Sometimes a bit of tweaking (as distinct from faking) can be quite useful too.


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Hello David!

In the past I used an Italian software for receiving and decoding MSG and Metop.

Now I use your software.

Bur I have a problem.
If I wanted to view the metop image of Italy, and then save only Sicily, what should I do exactly?

In your site I see this image....

Best regards


You can always screen-grab the image you want - if you are viewing at the appropriate time.

Alternatively, you first select the chunks containing the are you want in the browser view, then open the one or more chunks in the HRPT Reader, and select the processing options to produce the processed result you want.

Perhaps someone can give you a more detailed tutorial?

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