Re: Metop-C AVHRR level 1 iglobal mages

David J Taylor


Sorry, I should have worded my comments better.

I went into my account via EO Portal and un-ticked every non VIS and IR imagining data streams I could see from polar orbiter data stream services.
I can't remember now which one, or two only, that (I think) remained unprocessed/un-deleted.

Having done that - and ticked all your 'deal with' data options in MDM and Metop Manager, I no longer suffer from unprocessed data files accumulating.

One batch of files I was unable to stop 'EUMETCast sending' - having un-ticked so many boxes - were the 'EUMETSAT Darmstadt 'sounding' files'
These appear - since I've un-ticked every 'other data stream' boxes - to be transmitted along with the AVHRR data?
If you see what I mean?

However, My Metop-B Manager deals with these successfully.


That's good news, John. I'm still having to delete some stuff outside any of the managers (~600 MB files IIRC) but no-one else seems to have this issue, so I'm guessing it's manufacturers-only at the moment.

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