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Thorsten is right - and as I have said several times, you have a problem with your 'front end.'
With a 1.25 m dish in your location, you should be getting far more SNR than you were before your recent re-alignment.

What make of dish do you use, what make/model of LNB do you have and how long is your cable run and what type/make of cable?

With a 1.25 m dish in your location, receiving HVS-1 - and all its channels should be 'a piece of cake' - ein Stück Kuchen.
The translation probably doesn't convey the meaning of the English saying.
Ganz einfach!

That you now have 15.8 dB SNR indicates as Thorsten has said, you are 'on another satellite.'
Though, with your size of dish, again I agree with Thorsten, you should have 14 dB + SNR.

Eutelsat 9-B is receivable in good strength with a dish (accurately) aligned on Eutelsat 10-A - I watch TV from 9-B via my EUMETCast 1 m dish and a quad LNB.
And 9-B has a much higher power output - central Europe wide beam 51 dBW compared to 10-A's central Europe wide beam of 48 dBW.

But, Eutelsat 9-B's Ku-band transmissions start at 11.727 GHz V so I don't think this is the satellite you are pointing at.


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I have more than 14 dB SNR with my 125 cm Gibertini dish in Germany:

What is the brand of your dish and LNB?
Aligning a 125 cm dish is very tricky. You need a accuracy better then one degree for best SNR.
Cheaper dishes with lower mechanical stability may not be adjustable to the required precision.
Also optimising the skew and focus of your LNB is required. Tiny deviations make a huge difference.
In any way 11 dB SNR is to low for a 125 cm dish. There must be something wrong.
I reached 12.7 dB SNR with my old 90 cm dish!


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Thanks, Torsten !

Most likely this strong signal is from Eutelsat 9A !

I reset the dish to get the usual modest signal from Eutelsat 10A - max 11 Db, -40dbm-

Very disappointing  to me probably there is some "interference" from neighbouring satellites weakening

my 10A signal. I aspired to get a sufficiently strong signal for HSV data - eg the Goes sats - but the 

 weak signal from 10A excludes this and confines me to 'Basic service data, I think.

It is a true pity to shut out users like me from the highly interesting live Goes data.

Cant be helped, though.



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