Re: Metop-C AVHRR level 1 iglobal mages



Firstly as Ian has said:

Metop C Image and Polar wind data will come through EPS-10 basic 
if you have requested the data from Eumetsat ( via portal ).

If you do not have a separate Metop Manager set up to handle Metop C 
then I would assume that it would be building up in your EPS-10 folder.

As I said, both Metop-B and Metop-C are disseminated via the bas EPS-10 channel/stream

So your cast-client-channels_bas.ini should look something like:

target_directory=\EUMETCast\received\bas\EPS-10 data (might not really need 'data' on the end)

Both Metop-B and Metop-C data goes into this folder therefore your Metop Manger 'Tellicast Metop AVHRR global received files path' box should look something like this:


'E:\' is my EUMETCast data HDD storage 'area.' It can be wherever you want it - C:\ - is probably more usual?

If you do not have a specified Metop-C Manager running, then as Ian says, Metop-C data files will be filling up your EPS-10 target directory.



In a message dated 20/07/2019 16:00:39 GMT Standard Time, fly.fechter@... writes:

Is there a place within Eumetsat/Eumetcast where Metop-C files only are stored ?

I am still not sure whether I receive at all anything truly from Metop C and if somewhere stored 

and identifiable as Metop C data I could gain certainty.

Until now neither the AVHRR manager nor my Metop manager have shown anything which I can classify

as being Metop C data.

To finish, does Metop C send data 24/24 and where can I find its exact schedule ?

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