Re: Metop-C AVHRR level 1 iglobal mages



Sorry, I should have worded my comments better.

I went into my account via EO Portal and un-ticked every non VIS and IR imagining data streams I could see from polar orbiter data stream services.
I can't remember now which one, or two only, that (I think) remained unprocessed/un-deleted.

Having done that - and ticked all your 'deal with' data options in MDM and Metop Manager, I no longer suffer from unprocessed data files accumulating.

One batch of files I was unable to stop 'EUMETCast sending' - having un-ticked so many boxes - were the 'EUMETSAT Darmstadt 'sounding' files'
These appear - since I've un-ticked every 'other data stream' boxes - to be transmitted along with the AVHRR data?
If you see what I mean?

However, My Metop-B Manager deals with these successfully.



In a message dated 21/07/2019 10:52:06 GMT Standard Time, gm8arv@... writes:

A word of warning, if you have asked Ops to add the Metop-C service to your
licence, then you will probably also be receiving all the various non image
'sounding data' most of which David's Metop Manager can 'get rid of,' but
some, it seems, remain accumulating


What file names are still accumulating, please?  There's nothing
accumulating here, but maybe that's because I have a routine TrimTree

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