Re: SR-1 no traffic

Thanks, Torsten !

Most likely this strong signal is from Eutelsat 9A !

I reset the dish to get the usual modest signal from Eutelsat 10A - max 11 Db, -40dbm-

Very disappointing  to me probably there is some "interference" from neighbouring satellites weakening

my 10A signal. I aspired to get a sufficiently strong signal for HSV data - eg the Goes sats - but the 

 weak signal from 10A excludes this and confines me to 'Basic service data, I think.

It is a true pity to shut out users like me from the highly interesting live Goes data.

Cant be helped, though.





Betreff: Re: [MSG-1] SR-1 no traffic

Datum: 2019-07-21T10:47:57+0200

Von: "Thorsten Miglus" <thorsten.miglus@...>

An: "" <>




Hi Roland,

your dish is pointing to the wrong satellite.


On Sun, Jul 21, 2019 at 10:36 AM, fly.fechter@... wrote:
I finally managed to re-align my 1.25m dish - SR 1 control shows now 15.8 Db, -37,0 dbm and-------N O TRAFFIC 0,0 bs.
I receive basic service data.
Probably the setup of my SR 1 is not correct ?
Very strange depressing situation  for me - what steps do you advise to take in order to get traffic functioning ?
May I thank you in advance for your kind advice.
I look forward to the same.

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