Re: Metop-C AVHRR level 1 iglobal mages

David J Taylor

Thank you very much for your information, David !
Unfortunately clicking Metop C in my Metopmanager does not produce ANY images. Setting it up for Metop A, Metop B and Noaa 19
it delivery images - I still do not understand this situation - Following my request Eumetsat just confirmed that my amended data
does include AVHRR images from Metop-C !i.
I understand that Metop-C data has been supplied by Eumetsat for quite some time already.
Why don`t I manage to see it then ?
Thanks in advance for your explanation and continued help,


You need three instances of the MetopManager each with different executable and associated file name - one for Metop-A fed with data from the HVS-1 stream, and one each for Metop-B and Metop-C fed from the Basic Service stream.

Seeing that Metop-A is likely to be retired before the others, and that the NOAA-19 data is also on the Basic Service, perhaps using either the Metop-B or the Metop-C manager for the NOAA-19 data would be appropriate.

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