Re: Metop-C AVHRR level 1 iglobal mages

David J Taylor

Is it "worthwhile" to also get data from Metop-C, i.e. AVHRR global images ?
Are these of superior quality as compared with those sent by Metop-B and/or do they cover more territory ?
I understand Metop-C AVHRR images are transmitted as part of the basic service data under channel
E1H-EPS-10. Do I have to add this channel to the basic service channel list
Under what wording please ?
Thanks in advance,



Metop-A will eventually be retired, and Metop-B as well, leaving just Metop-C. Quality is identical but the coverage is overlapped in time or space, so that something of interest may be nearer the centre of one satellite image, and transient events of interest may be more likely to be captured in one or other satellites. Your previous Metop-A program can now take Metop-C data simply by changing the satellite option. No need to change channels - Metop-C is no on EPS10.

Does anyone know whether the tristar or trident orbits are being used currently?

The channel information on that page is now obsolete, instead:

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