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I have been a by-stander for five or six weeks, with reception problems ??? now sorted out with the help of Ops. I noticed quite bit of traffic on METOP (A,B and C) on the list. Can I find a summary of changes over the past few weeks?

Metop Manager continues to present problems: very slow, sometimes taking up to 2 minutes to respond to a key press and occasionally freezing, requiring Task Manager to get me out. At present in the instance set up for METOP-A I have the GAC (NOAA-19) images coming in continuously, but nothing in Browser. Program is pointed at, and can see EPS-10, where there are plenty of files awaiting processing.

All other non-METOP programs now running normally.



Metop-A data is now being sent on HVS-1 (with the exception of the polar winds which are on BS). If you don't do something about it, these polar wind files will continue to build up. Either move them to an appropriate directory for processing, or add them to your routine TrimTree task.

NOAA-19 data stays on the BS, so if you point the Metop-A manager to an HVS-1 data stream, you will need to designate another Metop Manager as the NOAA GAC handler.

Metop-C data is now on the BS, moved from the HVS-1.

If the Metop Manager hangs, try setting a value for the reset time - I suggest 59 minutes. Setup, File Controls, Auto restart set to e.g. 59. Ensure that your RestartMetopManager.cmd script is correct for each instance of the program.

Be aware that there is a built-in delay after starting the Metop Manager before it starts processing, and that the AMV files are processed first so there is a further delay before image files are processed.


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