Re: Getting HVS Transponder 2 channel data

David J Taylor

Thank you all for all your replies.

I suspect we may be using a different hardware from David's.
The Ayecka DVB-S2 receiver converts the data coming down the antenna into Ethernet format.
The data then flow through the RJ45 Traffic port on the receiver to the Ethernet port on the Linux server.

So I have raised a query to Ayecka to see what advice they can offer.

But thanks a lot again for your replies.



I also have an Ayecka SR1 taking HVS-2 with no problems, although the Ethernet cable is connected to a Windows box. If you're getting data from the SR1 (I monitor with MRTG, available for Linux) the the issues must be with your Linux setup, and I can't help with that.

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