Re: Metop A

David J Taylor

From about 16.55 Uk time some MetopA polar wind data (amv)
is incorrectly being sent on channel EPS-10 Basic service. MetopA polar
wind data is as it should be coming through EPS-10 on HVS-1, so I am not
sure if it is duplication, though a quick check suggests it is not.



I've just had to deal with this issue myself - I hadn't realised that files were accumulating. I wrote a simple command script that you run once at startup, and it repeatedly moves files from one location to another every minute:

Title Polar Winds RoboCopy selected BS data to HVS-1 location

set source=D:\EUMETCast\received\EPS-10
set dest=\\Lund\EUMETCast\received\hvs-1\E1H-EPS-10

RoboCopy %source% %dest% w_xx*metopa* /S /MOV /R:3 /W:10 /MOT:1 /NFL

The script never exits. Obviously you changed the source and destination to suit your own system. Source is where the BS data lives, and dest is where you want it moved to. Just trying that on a couple of PCs here and it seems to be working as expected.

I hope it helps!

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