Re: New version EUMETCastView 1.4.7

Douglas Deans

On 14/07/2019 08:41, Hugo wrote:
Hello John,
I tested the program for Metop A/B and C and everything seems to work. Could it be that you did not indicate the directory for Metop C ?
On hvs-1/E1H-EPS-10 you receive Metop-B (M02) and on bas/EPS-10 you receive Metop-A (M01) and Metop-C (M03). The number of segments  in the 'Satellite Setup' window is the total number of segments for M01, M02 and M03.
Kind regards,

Hugo, John is correct. On the right side under the heading of AVHRR the new release 1.4.7 only says Metop A/B and Metop A/B HRP whereas the previous version 1.4.6 said Metop A/B/C and Metop A/B/C HRP.

I am on Echolink at the moment so no chance to check if the program actually includes Metop C but certainly missing from list.

Using the Windows version.


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