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David J Taylor


I just wondered if there is any advantage in using a pcie card such as the 6903x over a couple of SR1's apart from the obvious things like less cables etc

At the moment I am running with two SR1's



Use the single Ayecka SR1 for the Basic Service alone. In this way, you are isolated from any low signal issues on HVS-1 which could cause related losses on the BS.

Use the 6903 (either with the dual-input method, or with one cable and a splitter) for HVS-1 and HVS-2.

But if you don't need HVS-2, you're fine as you are, as the SR1s are much more manageable, and don't need non-standard drivers as many of us have found the 6903 can need. If you suffer from a rapidly variable signal (wind moving the dish), the TBS devices may be better as they appear to have a faster AGC response (unconfirmed by either the manufacturer or EUMETSAT).

If starting from scratch, and only wanting BS & HVS-1, the dual tuner PCIe card wins. Unless you are using a portable with no chance to add in PCie cards!

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