Re: Pcie cards

Douglas Deans

On 12/07/2019 16:12, Graham Woolf wrote:
I just wondered if there is any advantage  in using a pcie card such as the 6903x over a couple of SR1's apart from the obvious things like less cables etc
At the moment I am running with two SR1's

Graham a difficult question as some computers may do better on PCIE than network such as SR1.
I run an SR1 and a TBS 6903 which splits the basic service and HVS-1 so that poorer conditions with HVS losses do not affect the basic service. I assume you are doing that at the moment with 2 SR1s. If your SR1s are working well and you do not already have a PCIE card I would leave well alone.
I should also mention I have a dual LNB so two inputs available which would allow me to split basic and HVS-1 across the two tuners of the 6903.
As it is I have a spare tuner on the 6903 for occasional look at HVS-2.

Too much data and not enough time and I am retired !!


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