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Don Williams

Hi Graham.
Im using Version 2.9.8.a. I don't have any problems with it,
you can run the free version. must be 20years I have used it.can be awkward
at first getting all the options to suit myself.I have no5 of the original kit sold by Dartcom.,and the
commercial from Dartcom, the pager filtering is better than the kit, I have the circuits for the kit.
Les Hamiltons article, Ihad up to recently all the RIG (remote imaging group) from issue 1 when
I joined them.
Best Wishes

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I've been looking for software and like yourself I'm struggling with the WXtoIimg software, I find pages where it loads but it never completes as there is a problem. That was until this evening when following a response to my post I looked on the Wraase Electronic website where I was able to download WXtoIimg.

Go down to the section headed Technical Data it's on the right in the links and downloads box.


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