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Graham Errington

Thanks Rob.


On 7 Jul 2019, at 15:08, Robert Denton <rob@...> wrote:

On 04/07/2019 20:26, Rob wrote:

On 01/07/2019 15:50, Graham Errington wrote:
I have the opportunity to buy a Dartcom Satellite receiver, 136-138 Mhz for weather satellites. There isn't anything on it to identify which model it might be. Knowing a bit about its provenance I know it is an older model but it is in very good condition.


The problem I have is I don't know how to connect it to my computer, there is a DIN socket on the back which is where all the connections will feed into, I've been told that there are two connections for a tape recorder and one for the computer.


Does anyone know what the wiring diagram is for the DIN plug and as I don't have a tape recorder anymore can it be connected to a digital recorder or is it really necessary and could I just dispense with this. I assume that the end of the connections are audio plugs to connect to the computer etc.


Also which is the recommended software for displaying the images/maps.


<System II RX DIN.bmp>

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