Re: Tellicast bas and hvs-1 change over.


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I try to add hints where possible and appropriate.  If you hover the mouse
over the 'Delete Channel 1 data' it says:

  Check to delete non-AVHRR channel-1 received files

so if there no other data you want from Channel-1 check that box.  It
applies to the non-image files.


Thanks for further advice.

Firstly I've 'itemised' all bas channels now and sent them to specific folders so I can see what services data is coming from what channel - and where it is.
And as you said earlier, good practice not to send everything to 'default.'

I did tick Delete Channel-1 in AVHRR files options but it didn't delete the non imaging files in the EUMETSAT_Data_Channel_1 folder which just keep building up.

However, I was looking at Metop-A Manager setup today and saw all the 'sounding' and non imaging - VIS/IR tabs and, as Metop Manager was already receiving and processing files from different data paths - Metop AVHRR and NOAA GAC, I wondered if it would also take and process all those unwanted files in EUMETSAT Data Channel 1 - OK hold them processed for a day - and sort out my problem.

I was very pleased to see, I can tell you, that this happened
There are still some Metop-b and NOAA 18 hirs files lingering but the script along the bottom of the programme window shows 'sounding files' being processed regularly.

I just need to deal with the EUMETSAT-darmstadt files now.

What a clever programme to deal with three different data paths.

Sorry if you, or anyone else suggested this earlier - I've not been thinking straight recently.



Having said that, I would suggest keeping as much as possible away from
"default" to minimise the number of files there, and to make any
troubleshooting easier.  Only the MSG Data Manager attempts to recognise the
structure below \received\, all other software can be directed to the
appropriate channel/directory, I hope.

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