Re: Tellicast bas and hvs-1 change over.

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I'm so sorry, I think I'm suffering from data overload!

Somehow, my AVHRR Manager 'got switched off' around 14:00 yesterday.
Having switched it back on, it has now processed all yesterday and today's pending data the AVHRR_HRP_00 _MO1 and MO2 BZ2'1 of course.

Yes, it's all the sounding data that filling up the folder.

And yes, I'd better update my MDM.

I've ticked 'Delete Channel 1 data' in AVHRR Manager File options - what does that do?

I've just looked back at my old TC V2.4.4a and seen that I had it configured differently - and had no trouble with GB's of unprocessed data files:

EUMETSAT Data Channel 1 went to received.

EPS-10 went to \received\EPS-data

EPS-15 went to \received\AVHRR-GAC-data.

E1B-TPG-1 went to received

E1B-TPL-1 went to received

Compared to the current bas:

Many of my bas channels are directed their own folder.
However bas default accepts channels:


Which is causing problems.

I think I'm 'losing it' and need to go and lie down in a darkened room.



I try to add hints where possible and appropriate. If you hover the mouse over the 'Delete Channel 1 data' it says:

Check to delete non-AVHRR channel-1 received files

so if there no other data you want from Channel-1 check that box. It applies to the non-image files.

Backwards compatibility is likely responsible for most of my configurations. It's on the basis of: "If it works, leave it!". So as the channels haven't changed, keep the arrangement you have and just comply with the new syntax.

Having said that, I would suggest keeping as much as possible away from "default" to minimise the number of files there, and to make any troubleshooting easier. Only the MSG Data Manager attempts to recognise the structure below \received\, all other software can be directed to the appropriate channel/directory, I hope.

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