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Hi David,

Yes, really looking forward to grabbing some of the higher def images using AVHRR. I think I've finally worked out my latest mistake and why I can't see any data capture in AVHRR. When I requested the products on the EOPortal I naively selected GDS-Metop-A, GDS-Metop-B, GDS-Metop-C and GDS-NOAA - all AVHRR level 1. I think I probably should have selected RDS-EARS with EARS-AVHRR. Is this correct?

I probably need to optimise the channels I am saving at some point in the ini files along with the correctly requested products on the on EUMETSAT.

I basically just want GEOS16 & 17 and process in goesAbiManager, NOAA19 and Metop A-C using AVHRR and the images in MSG HRIT in MSG Data Manager. My primary focus though is looking at NOAA19.



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Andy S Clarke
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Briefly, if you want the AVHRR over an extended Europe you need the EARS
AVHRR data, and the AVHRR Manager. That's NOAA-19 and Metop-A/B/C (C may
not yet be released). RDS - regional data.

For world-wide 1 km data, GDS Metop-A/B/C, and three instances of my Metop
Manager (one licence key). GDS NOAA-19 is ~4 km resolution.

Have to dash!

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