Re: Tellicast bas and hvs-1 change over.


David, and All,

Sorry this is turning into a bit of a saga.

I hadn't got 'those' boxes ticked in my 'main' MDM.

I did that earlier, closing and then opening the programme again having made the changes.

I'm not sure it has made any differences in the last 4 hours.

All my unprocessed data is effecting only bas.
The two problem folders are:

bas default - 6.44 GB's of unprocessed files.
bas EUMETSAT Data Channel 1 - 6.01 GB's unprocessed files.

Many of my bas channels are directed their own folder.
However bas default accepts channels:


Unprocessed files in bas default:

H-000-GOMS2_4 'file'
thin_MOD021KM 'file.

Now, I know MOD is Modis and I don't have my Modis programme running as I don't use the imaging.

Unprocessed files in bas EUMETSAT Data Channel 1:

AVHRR_HRP_00_MO1_ .... BZ2
AVHRR_HRP_00_MO2_ .... BZ2
avhrr_0 ... noaa19.hrp     BZ2
hirs - metop and noaa - iasi, amsua, ath, iras, mhs, DBNet

It seems I have missed 2 MDM updates in the last couple of weeks?
Mine is V3.1.12.1301 2019-Apr-22.

It seems that Metop NOAA 'sounding' data is being sent in the same stream as VIS/IR.
No problem in that except it sits unprocessed and/or un-deleted in the default folder.



In a message dated 26/06/2019 09:43:02 GMT Standard Time, gm8arv@... writes:

In my main MSG Data Manager instance I have the settings as shown in the

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