Tellicast bas and hvs-1 change over.



I'm getting there.
Just a few loose ends to tie up.

Overnight my bas icon went red - however data kept flowing.
Opening HTML Shell showed Status: ERROR.

Log File

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Lvl:Date       Time (UTC)  :Message
ERR:2019-06-24 14:52:22.243:Could not join channel "EUMETSAT Data Channel 1": Missing key 55512.
ERR:2019-06-25 04:01:53.936:Could not join channel "EUMETSAT Data Channel 2": Missing key 13004.
ERR:2019-06-25 04:02:14.076:Could not join channel "EUMETSAT Data Channel 6": Missing key 13019.
ERR:2019-06-25 04:02:27.795:Could not join channel "EUMETSAT Data Channel 2": Missing key 13027.

I cant find any information as to what the Missing Key means.

And, as data is still flowing OK, does it matter?

I know I can just delete error message by pressing reset.

Also, AVRHH Manger is working OK being 'fed from ... \bas\EUMETSAT_Data_Channel_1

However that folder is filling up with 'other data:

NOAA and Metop hirs,EUMETSAT SING+LEV, EUMETSAT kan,amsu,hirs,iasi,mhs,sva,wal,DBNet files.

I've got Delete Channel 1 data ticked in AVHRR Manager File options box.


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