Re: bas'inni configuration.

David J Taylor


Would you believe it?
Past (stored) Imaging is now being processed - catching up.

I was clicking both programmes looking for GAC data - which isn't being processed and Metop images just started coming in in rapid succession.

Both Metop data paths are:


My bas ini:
EPS-10 to EUMETCast\receive\bas\default
EPS-15 to EUMETCast\receive\bas\default

Still no GAC data.



Don't forget that the data isn't sent continuously. When it was one satellite, the data was dumped over Svalbard and sent out over roughly half the orbit time. When Metop-B was added there was another data dump over McMurdo (Antarctica), and with Metop-C I'm unsure of the dump schedule. BTW: did Metop-C end up in trident or tristar configuration?

There's a fixed delay of about a minute before the Metop Manager starts processing, and that may have added to the confusion.
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