Re: bas'inni configuration.

David J Taylor

Oh boy!

I've got TC V.2.14.4 working - well most of it.
However I've been going around in circles all afternoon trying to get the data path for Metop-A (and GAC) and Metop-B working.

I've tried permutations of my old recv channels.ini and David's bas ini but to no avail.

MDM MSG-4, MDM-IODC and MDM-RSS are working fine, as is AVHRR Manager.
Metop Managers just sit there 'waiting'.

The data path I've set in Metop Manager reflects the configuration of my ini, but no data is getting to the programmes.


John Tellick.


Where, exactly, is the EPS-10 entry pointing to in the channels file?
Are files accumulating there?
Where, exactly, are the entries in the Metop Managers pointing?

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