Re: Waiting for Segments in AVHRR

David J Taylor

Hi Gerard,

No not yet, I am OK with GOES 16 & 17 and I think what is SEVIRI but just wanted to decode some NOAA19 pictures. I can do this direct from NOAA19 when it goes overhead using my FT-818 and WXToIMG on 137.100Mhz but I think the image quality would be better grabbing them from EUMETSAT.



As you know, but for the benefit of others, the best choice for NOAA-19 real-time images is the EARS stream, which actually includes NOAA-19, Metop-A, Metop-B and Metop-C, and these are all 5-channel, 1 km resolution data from the NOAA AVHRR scanner. This is ten times the resolution of the APT 137 MHz data.

Any problems, just ask.

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