Re: Waiting for Segments in AVHRR

David J Taylor


I have been successfully downloading data from GEO16 & 17 using David's GoesAbiManager and have two instances running as he suggested grabbing data from "C:\EUMETCast\received\hvs-1\default". Have also put together some what I think are fantastic animations using GeoSatSignal as well. I have also successfully decoded what I believe is SEVIRI using MSG Data Manager from "C:\EUMETCast\received\bas\default"

EUTMESAT have just enabled NOAA19,METOPA,B &C as Basic Service and I have pointed AVHRR Manager to C:\EUMETCast\received\bas\default" but when I click Start the green gif shows and I just see waiting for segments. I have had this running for about 3 hours but not sure if I am just not waiting long enough? In teh raw folder, I have seen one file type which appears to reference METOPA in C:\EUMETCast\received\bas\default" named "W_XX-EUMETSAT-Darmstadt,SOUNDING+SATELLITE,METOPA+AMSUA_C_EUMC_20190617133423_65691_eps_o_l1.bin" and another in C:\EUMETCast\received\hvs-1\default which is of the file type "W_XX-EUMETSAT-Darmstadt,SOUNDING+SATELLITE,METOPC+GRAS_C_EUMR_20190617135520_03162_eps_t_l1.bin".

I've got the Kepler data updated in WKTrack (can I use this instead of my Yaesu FT818 instead of WXtoIMG as well?) and the ground station is showing along with the pass view in AVHRR.

I know this is probably a "schoolboy" question but I am struggling to see what I am doing wrong? There is nothing in the AVHRR event log tab.

I've only been doing this for about a month and this a sharp learning curve for me.




I've only just seen this message.

Files like: W_XX-EUMETSAT-Darmstadt,SOUNDING+SATELLITE,METOPA+AMSUA are ones which can be managed with the Metop Manager, continuous world-wide coverage. Those files are "sounding" data, microwave measurements of the atmosphere.

You mention the "AVHRR (Manager) Event Log tab". This program manages the EARS data - near real-time data over an extended Europe area. The EARS data is available for all three Metop satellites, and NOAA-19 too. The files come on Data Channel 1.

Yes, there is a lot of data, and I sometimes find it difficult to remember which data is on which channel! You've found the right place to ask for peer support, though.

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