Re: Configuring TC V2.14.4 .ini's.

David J Taylor


Thanks again for as usual interesting and informative responses.

Ah, right, the highest Sentinel data is not disseminated by EUMETCast, however 300 m is pretty good.
But one step at a time?

Interestingly, the data flow from the next generation of satellites is
reported to be ten times what we have at the moment. How many transponders
on which satellites will that take!
Well, as you know I'm receiving Eutelsat 9B - at 9 degrees east - with good signal strength on a 1 m dish aligned to Eutelsat 10.
In fact, since 9B has a higher power output than Eutelsat 10, wouldn't it be good if EUMETSAT used this satellite - also?



Yes, there is so much data now that "one step at a time" is definitely a good idea! To that end, I'm not convinced that the catch-all entry in the channels list is a good idea, in fact you might almost argue that turning everything off and then asking "Where is such-and-such data?" might be a better way of working.

I don't know what EUMETSAT are planning for future satellite capacity, but something with a few more dB of signal, especially at the fringes of the coverage, would be most welcome.

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