Re: Configuring TC V2.14.4 .ini's.

David J Taylor



I think you alerted me to GOES-15 earlier but as it's only temporary now and only 9 degrees away from GOES-16, I won't bother - already far too much imaging to look at.

Was that 'some of the sounding files' referring to EUMETSAT Darmstadt SOUNDING BIN files being able to be processed by Metop Manger?

If so, I might try to run a third copy of MM and have a look.



Yes, the GOES-15 is purely a transition arrangement, which is coming to an end - perhaps before the second half of the year. In any case, there are some issues with processing the data in real-time (the location information is sent /after/ the data, not before!).

Each Metop satellite offers data named like:


These are air motion vectors, and the Metop Manager will handle them if the Process AVHRR polar winds box is checked, so if you're getting that data you need a third Metop Manager for Metop-C. That's on EPS-10 as it's from the AVHRR instrument.

The highest resolution Sentinel data is from Sentinel-2, and that's not on EUMETCast. The Sentinel-3 data (which is) is 300m resolution. I don't know whether anyone is still taking Sentinel data on a regular basis as it's readily available in image form from the Internet, and various folk have written quite complex processing scripts to make the most of the data. Folk here have written scripts to keep data for a particular area of interest up-to-date.

Interestingly, the data flow from the next generation of satellites is reported to be ten times what we have at the moment. How many transponders on which satellites will that take!

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