Re: Configuring TC V2.14.4 .ini's.

David J Taylor

From: geojohnt via Groups.Io
Looks like, with my one computer system, I'll have to have 2nd HDD for HVS-2 and Sentinel - or, another one computer system.

The present one will now be running 4 x MDM, Animator, AVHRR Manager, 2 x Metop Manager (+ another Metop C?), 2 x ABI Manager - and NOAA 20, whatever format that is/will be.



With the large number of services now offering Sentinel derived data - some free of charge - I'm not that convinced that it's worth collecting. I wonder what others think?

The zero degree MSG Data Manager can handle Himawari data as well, but needs a little fiddling to get both into the single Manager, which can read both "Data Channel 4" and "EUMETSAT_Data_Channel_4". Use one for the BAS/Chan.4 data and the other for HVS-1/Himawari data. But using four is simpler. 3 x Metop, 2 x ABI. FOr a few more weeks there's also GOES-15 in EUMETSAT's format.

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