Re: Configuring TC V2.14.4 .ini's.

David J Taylor


Thanks very much for the useful comments and advice.

Ah, it sounds like from your comments that updating to the latest TC V2.14.5 wipes your channel ini configurations?
That's not very clever.
One would have thought(?) just the tc-cast-client.exe and licence.ini - as you copied over - were required.

Your comments on also having tmp files location in your channels ini (which I have left out) and comments on RAMdisk ahve given me something else to worry about
You have said to put the tmp's back.
Should they reflect the channel - that is - tmp_directory=\EUMETCast\tmp\hvs-1\E1H-TPG-4 - or
tmp_directory=\EUMETCast\tmp\hvs-1 - which was/is, the sample suggestion of the programme?

Regarding RAMdisk I never understood, or have seen 'the path ' of data through the RAMdisk to the programmes.
I have a 997 MB RAMdisk running on BS (still) using TC V2.4.4a.

I'm presuming that my new HVS-1 data channels are not going though the RAMdisk also?
I thought the point of TC V2.14.4 was to eliminate the need for a RAMdisk but there has been discussion on this group in the past as to possible advantages of still using a RAMdisk - there is so much data coming in.

That will be something to 'do' when I move my BS to TC V2.14.4.

In the meantime with GOES-16 and GOES-17 data activated I need to download your ABI prgramme.
Do I need to run 2 copies - or does one copy have tabs for both satellites like MDM?



What I meant was that I was unsure whether the "install.exe" method would affect my channels file, so I assumed that it /might/ and hence just updated the two files. Of course, I may not get any changes which EUMETSAT advise (such as the buffer parameter), so I would only advise my method for experts.

You can put all the temp files wherever you like, so long as they are on the same partition (drive letter) as the final data. This allows you to have different data streams on different disks.

TelliCast builds the file in the temp location (e.g. RAMdisk) as the data comes in. Once the file is complete it is renamed to its final name and moved to its final location. A "move" operation can be done on the same drive just by manipulating the directories (quick), but if the destination is on a different drive a "copy" operation is required which costs much more disk I/O.

Very broadly speaking, if you have a separate physical hard disk for the data (or perhaps a separate physical disk for each service BAS/HVS-1/HVS-2) you can get away without a RAMdisk. If your HD is also used for other purposes (e.g. running my programs, making animations), a RAMdisk may be required. Likely if you ask the group you will get more answer than there are group members!

Run two copies of the GOES ABI Manager, with the .EXE files named differently. You can have both in the same directory:


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