Re: Configuring TC V2.14.4 .ini's.

David J Taylor


Thanks very much for the sample .ini configurations.

I was going to contact you 'off group' to hide my ignorance and embarrassment publicly, but I suspect that there may be a few users still using TC V2,4.4a who like me will have to - sooner, rather than later - upgrade to the new/er version.
In fact I think it is now V2.14.5?
And, there are new EKU's coming out later this year.

Anyway, let's start at the beginning.
My HVS-1 path is:

Data disk E: > EUMETCast > received > hvs-1 > default

I am receiving and processing all 16 Himawari data files successfully with MDM-Himawari - originally via the 'default' folder.

My cast-client-channels_hvs-1.ini [and bas, afr-1, hvs-1, ter-1] are found here:

Data disk E: > Tools > EUMETCast client > EUMETCast - which is a different route. ???

Anyway, my earlier hvs-1 .ini configurations failed - I know not why - all data still going into 'default,' the hvs-1 'T' icon going yellow and a warning coming up on Tellicast HTML Shell Status to 'reset'.
It listed my 'faulty' configurations.

Having looked at your examples I had another go and voila, I now have:

E: > EUMETCast > received > hvs-1 > default, E1H-EPS-10, E1H-TPG-2, E1H-TPG-4 and E1H-TPL-1 folders.
These are the streams I see in Active Channels in TC HTML Shell.

As with your examples, I've left out tmp.
I presume that is OK.

Should I also increase the buffer to double, as you have?

I'm just awaiting confirmation of access to GOES-16 and GOES-17 data, so I will soon be downloading your ABI programme.

Thanks for resetting my brain, all seems to be in order now.



It sounds as though you are making some progress - that's good.

Yes, 2.14.5 is current. I cheated an just copied the minimum files as I didn't want to go through all the reconfiguration again, and was uncertain whether the install.exe offered an "update the minimum" option. The minimum files are the tc-cast-client.exe and licence.ini.

It looks like I did leave out the tmp_directory, but that does restrict you to having all the data coming into one partition. I configure the tmp in the cast-client.ini. For the Basic Service I use a RAMdisk:


and for the HVS-1 (where I take the minimum data, a directory on the receiving drive (i.e. partition letter):


I used a RAMdisk on BAS as I was upgrading from an earlier installation, and a separate physical HD on the HVS-1 system sort of a a test. With ONLY the HVS-1 data on that HD (a cheap 1 TB drive), there appears to be no need for a RAMdisk. Your configuration will vary!

I would strongly advise against the "default" directory, you can fill HDs very easily that way, and create an unnecessary workload for TelliCast and the HDs. Define all the channels you want, and comment out the default. I think you're already doing that.

It doesn't matter where the executable and the configuration files live.

Leave the buffer at the EUMETSAT suggested 8 MB value. As before, start with the minimum to prove things work, and then build up the other channels.

I'm running four MSG Data Managers on one PC (IODC, RSS, Himawari, 0-degree), and three on another PC (IODC, RSS, 0-degree/Himawari). On the third system it's still like the old days - the MDM IODC/RSS/0-degree) as that PC is BAS-only.

I'm running three Metop Managers on the systems with HVS-1 access, two on the BAS system, with the Metop-B instance as the NOAA-19 handler, as the Metop-A data is moving to HVS-1 soon.

Many ways to skin this cat!

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