Configuring TC V2.14.4 .ini's.



Thanks very much for the sample .ini configurations.

I was going to contact you 'off group' to hide my ignorance and embarrassment publicly, but I suspect that there may be a few users still using TC V2,4.4a who like me will have to - sooner, rather than later -  upgrade to the new/er version.
In fact I think it is now V2.14.5?
And, there are new EKU's coming out later this year.

Anyway, let's start at the beginning.
My HVS-1 path is:

Data disk E: > EUMETCast  > received  > hvs-1 > default

I am receiving and processing all 16 Himawari data files successfully with MDM-Himawari - originally via the 'default' folder.

My cast-client-channels_hvs-1.ini [and bas, afr-1, hvs-1, ter-1] are found here:

Data disk E: > Tools > EUMETCast client > EUMETCast - which is a different route. ???

Anyway, my earlier hvs-1 .ini configurations failed - I know not why - all data still going into 'default,' the hvs-1 'T' icon going yellow and a warning coming up on Tellicast HTML Shell Status to 'reset'.
It listed my 'faulty' configurations.

Having looked at your examples I had another go and voila, I now have:

E: > EUMETCast > received > hvs-1 > default, E1H-EPS-10, E1H-TPG-2, E1H-TPG-4 and E1H-TPL-1 folders.
These are the streams I see in Active Channels in TC HTML Shell.

As with your examples, I've left out tmp.
I presume that is OK.

Should I also increase the buffer to double, as you have?

I'm just awaiting confirmation of access to GOES-16 and GOES-17 data, so I will soon be downloading your ABI programme.

Thanks for resetting my brain, all seems to be in order now.



In a message dated 18/06/2019 05:53:14 GMT Standard Time, gm8arv@... writes:

Sample files as requested:

I've added the .TXT extension so that you can download them without any
malware warnings.  You could right-click, properties, unblock before use
and, of course, these are simply sample working files taken from my own
systems, and would need editing to suit your own data needs and directory

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