Re: Tellicast V2.4.4 'configuration.'

R. Alblas


you can try/stop this any time. The only thing is that you need to enable all channels you would like to choose from, and if you decide not to use this program you need comment out channels not to receive as usual. (The original recv-channels.ini or cast-client-channels_bas.ini etc files are not touched by the program, just used.)


On 06/17/2019 02:07 PM, geojohnt via Groups.Io wrote:
Hello Rob,

Thanks for that.

If/when, I get everything sorted out - and another receiver for HVS-2 and Sentinel,  - and probably by then needing a 2nd PC, I'll look at tidying things up.
Although I guess I should get that done now?

Best wishes,


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There is a program 'ecast_chansel' which enables you to (de)select channels in an easy way. For each channel you can also define a nickname, so e.g.

EPS-10 is shown as METOP
EUMETSAT Data Channel 5 is shown as MSG RSS

or whatever you want.
For Linux and Windows.


On 06/16/2019 01:15 PM, geojohnt via Groups.Io wrote:

Hurrah! It's not just me?

Thanks for brightening up my day.



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Greetings John, Yes I have often wondered why EUMETCast don't identify which satellite
is allied to which channel in their listing. Would be most useful. John Morris.

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