Re: Tellicast V2.4.4 'configuration.'


Hello Rob,

Thanks for that.

If/when, I get everything sorted out - and another receiver for HVS-2 and Sentinel,  - and probably by then needing a 2nd PC, I'll look at tidying things up.
Although I guess I should get that done now?

Best wishes,


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There is a program 'ecast_chansel' which enables you to (de)select channels in an easy way. For each channel you can also define a nickname, so e.g.

EPS-10 is shown as METOP
EUMETSAT Data Channel 5 is shown as MSG RSS

or whatever you want.
For Linux and Windows.


On 06/16/2019 01:15 PM, geojohnt via Groups.Io wrote:

Hurrah! It's not just me?

Thanks for brightening up my day.



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Greetings John, Yes I have often wondered why EUMETCast don't identify which satellite
is allied to which channel in their listing. Would be most useful. John Morris.

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