Re: formally [MSG-1] Tellicast V2.4.4 'configuration.' - now TC V2.14.4 'configuration.'

Douglas Deans

On 16/06/2019 12:13, geojohnt via Groups.Io wrote:
Hello Hugo,

The following sats are disseminated from the following folders :
E1H-EPS-10 : Metop C
E1H-TPG-1 : GOES-16
E1H-TPG-2 : Himawari-8
E1H-TPG-3 : GOES-17
E1H-TPG-4 : GOES-15 in nc format
Hope this helps,
Thanks very much for the useful information.
Right, gosh, several more satellites to 'process.'
I knew of course that GOES had 'moved stream' but, dare I say, wasn't sure 'where.'
So I need to set up my cast-client-channels_hvs-1.ini to send these individual data to specific files and not default as it is at present.
And this will be the case in cast-client-channels_bas.ini, as I'm still using TC V2.4.4a for BS.
Now, I copied a 4th MDM and named it Himawari and directed it to 'default' and it's processing and displaying Himawari data OK.
It seems to me from the above that I'll need a second copy of AVHRR Manager just for Metop C (at the moment)?
GOES 16 and 17 use ABI format (I believe) and I think David has a modified MDM for that.
So that leaves NPP VIIRS.
Er, is there a programme for that?
Best wishes,

Yes Hugo's program EUMETCastView does NPP VIIRS and NOAA 20 VIIRS and indeed does all the satellites above in one program if you are interested. It does not do animations though but Hugo has said that he intends to add it to the program sometime.


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