Re: Oh My Goodness - recovered HDD space!

David J Taylor

Within the AVHRR Manager clear the ???Save segment files??? box
Hope this helps,

Good advice, Ferdinand, to which I would add:

- use the "save in compact format" option
- set the "Combined data retention period" to an appropriate value
- ensure that you are using the current version V4.1.2

and if you are using the HRPT Reader "Kepler path" option (e.g. pointing to C:\Tools\SatSignal\HRPTreader\) be sure to use the EUMETSAT Keplers, as those from Space-Track have inconsistent orbit numbers (sometimes going backwards!) resulting in the AVHRR Manager producing larger than normal files output. A sample command script from Thorsten Miglus to use EUMETSAT Kepler data is here:

Has anyone got a list of which satellites Kepler data is available for from EUMETSAT?

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