Re: SR1 receiver with USB fault : question about lan config

David J Taylor

Sorry for my poor english.Afther long time I re-switch on my satellite PC and I see a little problem : USB to Serial adapter of ayeka is fault : unknow device...
I've tryed to access via telnet using managment port and sr1 seem to work fine.
In your experience...can I use my receiver without the usb connector? In case of reconfig, is possible reconfig all via telnet or is only via usb/rs232?
Another question : I've got configured managment port as like eumetsat pdf. Can I change it in to connect under my personal lan (switch)?
Thank's in advance to any for ideas!


Your English is much better than my Italian!

You only need the USB connection when you first set up the Ayecka SR1. All other changes can be done over the Management port connection. You might be able to restore the USB by re-installing the driver for the SR1 here:

Yes, I have my Management port set to my "house" LAN (192.168.0.x) so that I can monitor all the status using SNMP to check levels, throughput etc:

Be sure to keep the Traffic port on the 168.192.10.x network though, because the large data flow from the SR1 Traffic port could easily saturate your house LAN (especially any Wi-Fi connections), and you could get data losses as a result.

DO ask again if you need more help!

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