Re: Tellicast 2.14.5-1 100% CPU

George Sz

I did. tc-cast-client -k checks out fine, but as the client is running and it interacts with the EKU, sooner or later it will hog the CPU, even if it's not receiving any data (dvb-eumetcast stopped). The other PC I mentioned is of a much older architecture. It's an E5300 running in some 10yr old Gigabyte motherboard. My main eumetcast PC is a Lenovo i5 Haswell. Makes no difference, same CPU hog. It seems Tellicast is bombarding pcscd with CMD_GET_READERS_STATE and somehow that makes it go haywire. I don't remember the old client doing this but unfortunately I don't have a backup of that.

I also learned there is a newer version of the Safenet software but I did not find it anywhere. It's available from the manufacturer but it's behind a wall. Maybe that would help, I don't know.

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