Re: Metop C and GOES-17

Douglas Deans

On 11/05/2019 11:23, stevens312 wrote:
Hi Guys, sorry if this is bit behind the times but trying to receive the above data and not sure where it is located, due to some health problems been a bit out of it lately so require some up-date on whats new, had the EKU updated by EUMETSAT, any advice gratefully received. Regards to all, Mike G4CFZ.

Hello Mike,
Both those services are now on HVS-1.

Metop-C AVHRR is channel E1H-EPS-10 and
GOES 17 is channel E1H-TPG-3. Unlike GOES 16 which has 15 minute data, the GOES 17 is ½ hourly intervals.

There are other Metop services on HVS-1 such as GRAS etc., but I assume those will be of little interest.

Hope that helps and hope you are now keeping better.

Best regards,

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