Re: file problem

David J Taylor

From: Heinz Meschnark

I am using eumetsat.
As you can see I can recieve the files partially.
When I enter eumetsat.bas, the icon is dark.
Then I get the message "warning reset" or "error".
I am using the Msg Manager V3.1.10.1268 and cannot see this software working.
Please can you help


Thanks for posting the screen-shots.

Looking at the TelliCast Statistics page, I see a non-zero value for Missed Packets, and for Recovered Packets. For receiving just the Basic Service (which I would advise to start with) I would expect a zero value for both numbers as you are located in Austria. The exception might be if you now have the High Volume Service (HVS-1) enabled as that does need more signal (perhaps 80 cm in Austria?).

But as Gerard notes, it may just be getting that received data path correct.

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