Re: Pytroll/SatPy for EUMETCast

Hartmut Schulla


I give up. It’s not possible for me to compile xRITDecompress under windows because the make files are written for Linux bash.

There are so many objectswith dependencies to be separate compiled and linked together.

In Ubuntu compile and link runs smooth, butI dont’t want to setup another PC with Ubuntu.




Von: [] Im Auftrag von Ernst Lobsiger
Gesendet: Dienstag, 16. April 2019 10:42
Betreff: Re: [MSG-1] Pytroll/SatPy for EUMETCast



there is one point I noticed in the Makefile. Compilation defaults to 32 bits for Windows.
It can and will change to 64 bits for Linux or SunOS automatically. The Makefile dates from
2011, maybe we had no 64bit versions of Windows or Cygwin at that time? Perhaps you
should etdit that for your system and give BITS=64 a try ...


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