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Thanks for your comments.

You might be able to get into the BIOS and see whether the HDD (E:) is
Oh no, I thought.
Get into the bios - how do I do that?
And after the disaster I had last February with a failed EUMETCast computer - probably due to my 'fiddling,' and the large bill I had to fix the problem - corrupted Windows 10, and then having to reload and configure many old programmes which had 'disappeared' - I've decided, no more fiddling.

However I did open Device Manager and the E:\ HD was not shown.
I took the side off the computer which allowed a (very) long overdue 'hoover' and tried the connections - all appeared OK.
Rebooted - same problem.

I went into my Bullguard Antivirus/security - don't ask me why - which I know you hate, which told me I had several 'vulnerabilities.'
One of these was 'urgent Windows updates' pending.
I thought twice about downloading and installing these as the computer 'wasn't working.'

However, I went ahead and they were all downloaded and installed and 'it' told me to reboot which I did.

Surprise, surprise, Desktop icons were fully loaded, Tellicast ran automatically and E:\ was back.
All MSG programmes running as normal!




Well, the BIOS should be a read-only environment unless you press Save rather than Exit or Cancel, but I take your point.

I do often hear of folk who complain that X< Y or Z doesn't work after a Windows Update (you should check after the second Tuesday of the month), but you are one of the very few persons who have found that something started working after a Windows update!

I'd still be inclined to check that HDD with CrystalDiskInfo and see whether it's reported as Healthy or not. It's not necessarily something to be concerned about if there's an issue, but watch out for an increasing value of Reallocated Sector Count. That's when a bit of the disk has gone bad but the content has been moved elsewhere. I'd run a check with a current version of MalwareBytes as well - just in case.

All being well, it's just a glitch, but...replacement HDs and cloning software aren't that expensive.

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