Re: GOES-16 and GOES-17 stopped after 14:00?

Douglas Deans

On 12/03/2019 19:35, David J Taylor via Groups.Io wrote:
I'm hoping it's not just me, but GOES-16 and GOES-17 data stopped after the 14:00 instalment.  I thought someone might have mentioned that, or is it another scheduled outage I've forgotten about!
It didn't help that I was replacing a failed HDD on my HVS-1/2 receiver PC at the time!  Other HVS-1 data (GOES-15) is OK.
Terrible weather here with data losses due to rain and wind for several days.

There was an alert message from Eumetsat about PDA maintenance affecting GOES 16/17. It was hoped to be over by 17.00 UTC but clearly has run late.
Is it just me or does the PDA environment seem to have rather too many issues.


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