Re: Roll-out of new EUMETCast Client Software (Tellicast), EKU hardware and drivers from 22 Feb

David J Taylor


It is my understanding that for Windows you have 32Bit and 64Bit versions of the new EKU software but only one 32Bit *.msi installer for the TC-client. So this most probably contains a 32Bit version of the TC-client only. Under GNU/Linux (according to the Readme) you *must* have the 64Bit EKU software installed to make the 64Bit TC-client work. Not sure you can use the 64Bit EKU software for a 32Bit TC-client under Windows. If not EUMETSAT should/will? deliver a native 64Bit TC-client for Windows too. Maybe OPS knows more ...



Yes, you are correct about the 32/64-bit eToken installer. I didn't change my eToken software on the basis of either "if it works, leave it" or "laziness". Or both!

It's just a 32-bit client which is supplied. A 64-bit driver is what I'm using for the eToken software right now, so either that or Windows knows how to translate the 32-bit calls from TelliCast into 64-bit functions in the driver. A lot of software is like that.

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