Re: How do you guys use LRIT function on MSG data manager?

David J Taylor

hi all,

First of all i am extremely new and inexperience so please go easy on me.
i would like to ask you guys about those LRIT images that Meteosat distibutes via its FTP. im just trying to use and learn tools that is available at
in MSG Data Manager i activated "Show MSG LRIT" and changed telicast recieved files location temporally (for testing purpose- instead of coping files to "received") to the folder that ive synced from lrit30m from FTP.
but nothing happens when i press Start. am i doing it wrong?


I can confirm Thorsten's report. I just checked the current MSG Data Manager with files downloaded by my MsgFtpHelper program, and they are processed correctly in the MSG Data Manager. Check that you are downloading the files as binary, not ASCII if you are using your own FTP program, and check that in the Setup, Channel Selection, MSG-LRIT page, you have the five Process boxes ticked. The current active satellite is MSG-4, and that should be selected on the Setup, Options, Advanced page.

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