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David J Taylor

Title: Boundaries not showing of Geosatsignal and msganimator

Hi, I have just bought geosatsignal (V8.2.2.1142) and msganimator (V3.1.4.291) and tried to install the boundary dat. files but the boundaries are not showing up. I have also tried to use the ones found on => binary download as advised in this post,,,20,0,0,0::recentpostdate%2Fsticky,,,20,2,0,25500233 but it is still not working.

Temp (I wonder if that's your name?),

Sorry to hear you are having problems. The boundaries will only show on data which has a known geographic projection (images from the MSG Data Manager etc.). I don't know the boundary.dat files, so I suggest you start with the countries.dat file which can be found here:

As with any downloaded .Zip file, be sure to right-click, Properties, Unblock the file after downloading.

In GeoSatSignal, Options, Common setup..., Cartography: enter the full path to the countries.dat file or use the browse button. This sets the file (or files) you wish to use. Repeat for each of the three overlays.

In GeoSatSignal, Options, Job setup..., Annotation, Cartography, tick the country boundary box, choose the colour and thickness, for each of three overlays you wish to have.

Actually, I do hope that people use the 30-day trial period to be sure that the program does what you want, and that you are comfortable driving it.

Further questions relating to my software would be more appropriate in the SatSignal group:

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