Meteosat-11 SEVIRI decontamination

David J Taylor

From the operations schedule:

Instrument decontamination. Meteosat-9 will cover the service during the decontamination period. An outage of up to two repeat cycles can be expected when switching to and from Meteosat-9. For full details, see the URL provided below. [Rev. 2]: Meteosat-9 data will also be disseminated one week before and one week after Meteosat-11 decontamination, i.e. from 14/01 to 04/02/2019. Users wishing to receive the parallel Meteosat data streams should register with our User Helpdesk (ops@...). For full details, see the URL provided below.

So, as far as I can determine, the simplest approach would be:

21-Jan 0900: switch zero-degree reception to MSG-2 (Meteosat-9)
04-Feb 0900: switch zero-degree reception back to MSG-4 (Meteosat-11)

I hope that's right! It's all a bit more complex than the monthly rapid-scan swap.

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