Re: New Tuner for EUMETSAT

David J Taylor


The TBS-6903X has the new STiD135 (Oxford) chip. There are 2 high speed
demods and 8 "classical" demods. There is some info in the pdf attached.
AFAIK the TBS-6903X uses the high speed demods while the TBS-6909X
uses the classical demods. I am still testing both cards under GNU/Linux.
The Linux driver for the TBS-6903X runs now well with EUMETCast but the
TBS-6909X still has problems with VCM and EUMETCast's heavily changing
bitrates. As usual I cannot comment on the Windows 7/8/10 side. Sorry.


Thanks, Ernst.

Unfortunately I've not had an evaluation unit from TBS for testing.

I wonder whether they have fixed the hardware/driver issues? All the dual-tuner TBS 6903 systems running under Windows have permanent missed & recovered TelliCast packets - at least those with reported monitoring. I've never seen zero lost packets on the HVS-2 service.

It would be useful to see figures for these new cards.

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